Life is a journey and every journey starts with a first step. An akimbo position shows that the body is prepared to take steps, so it felt right to call this first collection "Akimbo". This collection is mainly inspired by old family pictures and childhood memories but also by other influences like garments from the 19th and 20th century such as workwear, military, hunting and safari clothing. 

Besides that garments should be durable and look good, a comfortable fit is a very important factor as well. That is why every piece in this collection is designed for maximum wearing comfort. Most of the fabrics are initially stiff and raw but age very well and will be as comfortable as the fit after being worn for a while. 


Basic T


Hit the road jacket






Forester overshirt


Navy crew sweater 


Sportsman sweater 


Midweight sportsman sweater


Baracus engineer shirt



 Baracus engineer shorts



Heavy Henley