Bosco pack

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1 x Bosco wrap

1 x R-3 ring

Handmade in the Netherlands

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Make a note during checkout with your ring and bracelet size!


Sizing bracelet

Please measure your wrist circumference, for example if you measure 18cm ("7,1) note size 18

If you measure 19cm ("7,5) note size 19 and so on ...


Sizing ring

Please measure your finger circumference, for example if you measure 7cm ("2,8) note size 7


If you measure 8cm ("3,2) note size 8 and so on ...



If you're not sure or have any questions how to measure your wrist or finger circumference please let me know



The bracelets leather loop must be regularly maintained to keep it smooth. You can use any wax or oil for the job but I recommend Smith's 100% natural leather balm